Selected Portraits 1

In order achieve a dialogue within my work, I have, in the past many years, experimented immensely within my portraiture as an art form, using artisanal crafts and aesthetic techniques in my artwork.

The portrait as a theme is ancient and I have a deep interest in both classic and experimental techniques. I am inspired by the combination of styles, containing endless possibilities which ends up in my artistic footprint. That does not mean, however, that I have found all the answers. I am still on my artistic journey.


What can portraits as an art-form achieve? The same principals apply as in conventional painting: colour, composition, aesthetic, artisanal crafts etc. When you combine all these elements, you create character, form of expression, interpretation, provocation and concept.

Where is the limit of portraits? and where is the limit of the art-work?

What if the portrait in its own way doesn't care about being an art-work?