Portraits black & white

Portaits black & white


Micro Macro

My starting point is the new reality i.e. the dramatic changes in the industrial environment and technological progress.

There is no idealisation or self control in my portraits but, on the other hand, a surrender to the chaotic impression. The paintings differs significantly from traditional portraits as the main emphasis lies my artistic experiments.

The portraits need to show the personality within, using a passionate language of form, destruction and expressionism.

My work process can be described as Cosmic Chaos. A chaos which aims to take us towards a common understanding, a complete picture. The tension develops from surfaces, lines, points and heavy wide brush strokes, all of which gives the portrait a more sketchy impression. I am trying to fragment the painting - explode it in all directions to a place where rules, frames and sensibility do not exist.

The language of form in the painting is used as a shortcut into a macro level. In this level, every detail is an indispensable piece of a complicated puzzle which makes up the painting. It is meant to combine fiction with reality and the viewer must be left with the question of where imagination ends and reality begins.

Portraits black and white



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